Make something unique

Customize these made-to-order bracelets. Your choice of beads, stones and metal.

bubble bracelet This bracelet has matching rings and earrings. Fine silver handmade chain, Fine silver clasp. $95.00 Price reduction if bought with earrings or ring. lab bracelet This bracelet features a splendid labrodite stone. All sterling. $130.00
palm bracelet Petrified Palm and highly textured sterling are combined to create an unusual bracehandmade chainlet. A true conversation piece. Petrified Palm, Sterling, 14Kgf, Fine Silver handmade Chain. $150.00 barly bracelet This braided sterling chain holds its shape, and is sized for a large wrist. Bead by Michael Barley, renowned glass artist from Seattle. $35.00
brianbr.jpg AAA Lapis Lazuli, sterling, double loop chain. $75.00 idiotb1.jpg Chunky sterling bracelet. This one weighs over 2 ounces. It looks good on a man or a woman. Price depends on size, but this 2.6 ounce bracelet costs $100.00
mollybracelet.jpg Another chunky sterling bracelet. This one with a stone Added. Price depends on stone choice. brfibergar.jpg Sweet bracelet features handmade Etruscan chain, a fiber optic bead and two garnets. $35.00
brtwistonxy.jpg I Love this bracelet! In this example, I've twisted fine silver, and used onyx beads. $90.00 Price depends on stones you chose and length. bforgster.jpg Forged sterling, wraps perfectly around your wrist. Available as a set with matching earings for $60 or just the necklace for $45.
brforgam.jpg Forged sterling bracelet can be fit to the individual wrist. Choice of any stones. This example shows AAA Amethyst, sterling, twisted link sterling chain. $85.00 coilbr1.jpg I call this style of chain, Lynx. I can create a lynx bracelet, necklace or anklet for you. In addition, your jewelry can be customize with your selection of stone, glass or metal beads or charms. Prices range from $30.00 for a 5 1/2 " bracelet to $70 dollars for a 24" necklace.
bretruscan.jpg This awesome bracelet uses labrodite. The bracelet in the photo is for a man. $75.00 tturbr.jpg Idiot link with very old turquoise with AAA lapis lazuli $100.00
bubble bracelet Fine silver chain, and a forged sterling clasp. Your choice of stone. This example uses AAA Lapis Lazuli. $110.00 bracelets/brlabrac.jpg Labradorite and silver. $200