Narrative 3D Designs

These pendants are made by forming metal under pressure to create a hollow design.


I have done many different kinds of crosses, from traditional to highly stylized.

Fonts made in Metal

I can make any letter you like as a unique design in metal. This page shows some examples of my latest work making letters or initials.

Make something unique

I can make a pendant to your specifications. Send me an email with your requirements and I can work to make something truly unique for you.

Custom Pendants

A pendant makes a great affordable gift. Celebrate a graduation, wedding, new business or any special occasion with an Eva B custom pendant!

Narrative 3D Designs

pendants/pbacop1.jpg pendants/petcop.jpg Etched stirling and form folded copper.
pendants/ppear.jpg pendants/pbacoppear.jpg Diecast pierced and shaped coper pear, filled with yellow jade beads.


pendants/cross1.jpg A custom made cross, with a silver rose vine. pendants/crossam1.jpg Small textured stirling cross with amithyst
pendants/pjesscrupclose.jpg Large sylized cross designed to capture customer's raw garnets. Check out the matching (earings). images/blank1.gif More crosses on the way, stay tuned!


Initial pendants, charms, keyrings, earrings! You name it, and I'll create it! Prices range from $30.00 and up. From one inital to entire words! Size, font, and shape up to you!
new/la.jpg new/le4emily1.jpg new/lt.jpg